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Posted on Jul 29, 2023

baby care

2. Attendants: Attendants Typically Assist Patients With Activities Of Daily Living, Such As Bathing, Dressing, Grooming, And Mobility. They May Also Provide Companionship And Emotional Support.

3. Nursing Assistants/Nursing Aides: Nursing Assistants Or Nursing Aides Work Under The Supervision Of Registered Nurses To Provide Basic Nursing Care To Patients. They Help With Tasks Like Taking Vital Signs, Maintaining Personal Hygiene, And Assisting With Mobility.

4. Nursing Aide Ayah: An Ayah Is A Term Commonly Used In India To Refer To A Female Attendant Who Provides Care And Assistance, Especially For Elderly Individuals Or Newborn Babies.

5. Newborn Baby & Mother Care: This Service Focuses On Providing Care And Support To New Mothers And Their Infants. It May Involve Assisting With Breastfeeding, Monitoring The Baby's Health, Offering Guidance On Newborn Care, And Helping With Household Tasks.

6. Elderly Care/Old Age Care Service: Elderly Care Or Old Age Care Services Cater To The Needs Of Senior Citizens Who Require Assistance And Support With Daily Activities, Medication Management, Mobility, And Companionship.

7. Japa Maid Service: Japa Maid Service Is A Traditional Indian Postnatal Care Service That Provides Support To New Mothers And Their Babies. Japa Maids Assist With Newborn Care, Cook Nutritious Meals For The Mother, Light Household Chores, And Offer Guidance On Postpartum Recovery.

8. Patient Care Service At Home & Hospital:

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