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Orthopedics Care Services


These parts conjure the system and Delhi Home HealthCare Services provides trained and knowledge based mostly male/female caretaker at your home for Ortho patients.

Postoperative nursing care of orthopedic and trauma patients is critical for optimizing outcomes. The aspects of postoperative management that need to be considered in every case include:

  • Systemic function
  • Pain
  • Protecting the surgery
  • Regaining function
  • Delhi Home Healthcare Nurses/Staffs Always takes Care of these.


This critical part of postoperative management can be easy to overlook in light of the more visible and seemingly pertinent traumatic and surgical wounds and injuries. Carefully assessing integumentary, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, pulmonary, neurological, gastrointestinal and urinary integrity and function is a vital part of comprehensive nursing care.


Pain management is core to excellent nursing care. Delhi Home Healthcare Nurses Appropriate pain management, potentiates patient comfort, systemic function, recovery and healing. Fortunately, we have an excellent arsenal of pharmaceuticals and modalities available to help us manage pain well in our patients.

Protecting the Surgery

Our Nurses keeping the patient’s wounds and bandages clean and dry, putting on and maintaining bandages well, managing pain effectively, promoting appropriate and controlled activities and educating the client fully are all major components of protecting the surgeries we perform and the patients we perform them on.


This is really what it is all about – This is what Delhi Home Healthcare Staff were doing for- regaining full and pain-free function. All of the components of postoperative nursing care listed above contribute to success in this all-important category. In addition, nutrition, physiotherapy and recheck evaluations with adjustments in the postoperative management protocol as needed all play important roles.

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